A change at Stories on Stage Sacramento – and an opportunity for you!

Dear Stories on Stage Sacramento audience,


It’s been a terrific run. I’ve had the honor to work with Pulitzer Prize winners, nationally known writers, and local writers whose work had its first audience at our event. But after six years, it’s time for new leadership. So, after the 2019 season, I’ll be stepping down as Coordinator for Stories on Stage Sacramento.

This does not mean the event will end.

Because after ten years of presenting the best of short fiction read by the best of actors, the Volunteer Committee is convinced that SoSS is a valuable and necessary resident of Sacramento’s literary community. We’re determined that it will continue.

But we need your help.

We need new volunteers, especially those with skills in social media, event management, and knowledge of writers and writing. We’ll also be looking for a new Casting Director to find the actors to read the work, replacing Peggi Wood, who is also stepping down after this season.

So if you’re interested in becoming involved

at any level, and in helping guide Stories on Stage Sacramento toward the future, please email me at suestaats@comcast.net

This is an evolution, not a demise.  I’ll continue to contribute to Stories on Stage Sacramento, just not in the same position. And I invite you to become part of the event, to insure that electrifying prose and crackling theatre remains part of the Sacramento arts scene for many, many years to come.

With gratitude,


Sue Staats, Coordinator, Stories on Stage Sacramento

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